Sunday, December 8, 2013

Providing Off-Campus Library Services by “Team”: An Assessment

Providing Off-Campus Library Services by “Team”An AssessmentIn contrast to many large academic libraries, Kansas State University (K-State) does not have a distance librarian. As a result, the Library Services Project Team (Team) was formed to take a fresh look at current library services for distance learners. Although the Team has been in place for over two years, and has implemented many changes, there was no mechanism for receiving formal feedback from students and faculty about these services. Because it is important to know whether services are being used, two librarians on the Team developed a Web-based survey targeted at distance faculty and students. This paper discusses the assessment project including development of the survey, the university approval process, use of an electronic in-house survey system, administration of the survey, and compilation and analysis of results.


Marcia Stockham & Elizabeth Turtle (2004) Providing Off-Campus Library Services by “Team”, Journal of Library Administration, 41:3-4, 443-457



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